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My art revolves around the themes of Nature and Nurture: the expressions of the natural world and the cultural roots that nurture my identities and points of view. As a Mixed-Media artist, I explore various subjects combining  ink, color pencil, watercolor, acrylic paint and encaustic media.  About the Artist for information regarding the artist background and exhibition record. Contact the Artist about purchasing original artwork and digital prints. 


As a Japanese-American, Sansei (third generation) artist, one aspect of my art is expressing my Asian heritage, histories and identities. I appropriate and juxtapose imagery from both Western art and Japanese artistic traditions, such as ukiyo-e prints, anime comics and Kabuki theater, commenting on Asian-American cultural representations with ironic humor.


Expressions of Nature

The variety of natural settings, flora and fauna of California and elsewhere provide visual interpretations for my landscapes, still life and abstract impressions. Close observation and meditation upon these forms of nature inspire compositions of color and texture. 

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