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Cultural Parodies

A significant aspect of my art is juxtaposing American and Asian stereotypical imagery to create cultural ambiguity. My intention is to highlight the contradicitions of Asian-American identities, experiences and histories through ironic humor.

Expressions of Nature

The essence of my landscapes and still life is the close observation and naturalistic rendering of nature. 

Artist Statement

My work explores the clash of cultural identities, mixing Western and Asian stereotypes to create a dialogue about the hybridization of cultures. My mashups, often with ironic humor, incorporate symbols, icons, and motifs from both East and West, juxtaposing traditional elements with contemporary perspectives. I invite and challenge viewers to reconsider the preconceived notions and cultural narratives that shape our understanding of identity and heritage.


My deep connection to the natural world is expressed in my landscape and still life works. Through close observation and rendering, I seek to capture the ephemeral qualities of light, shadow, color and form, inherent in our natural environment. It is my goal to approximate, with my works of art, the harmony and beauty of Nature. 


As a mixed media artist, I embrace the melding of various materials, techniques, and narratives. Rather than focus exclusively on one stylistic approach, I combine media and materials, such as ink, color pencil, watercolor, acrylic paint, encaustic wax; and digital media on paper, wood and canvas, allowing freedom to create spontaneous visual surprises and transformations. At its core, all my art draws inspiration from my own multicultural experiences and the world around me.

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