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  Artist Statement

     "An important aspect of my art is expressing my Japanese-American heritage, histories and identities. I appropriate, play with, and transform imagery from both Western art and Japanese artistic traditions, such as ukiyo-e prints, anime comics and Kabuki theater to comment on Asian-American cultural representations with ironic humor.  Cultural Transformations  I also have an abiding love of nature which has always inspired my landscape and still life artworks." Natural Impressions  

     "As a mixed-media visual artist, I combine 2-D art media and materials, such as ink, color pencil, encaustic wax, watercolor and acrylic paint on paper, wood and canvas. I prefer to integrate different styles and techniques rather than exclusively on one approach, which allow for spontaneous, unexpected surprises and transformations. Ultimately, I strive to create works of art which express my unique vision with passion, energy and skill."

Artist Biography

     Ken Sakatani is a Japanese-American Sansei (third-generation), who grew up on a ranch farm in Southern California. Ken received his education and training in visual design (B.F.A., University of Southern California), interdisciplinary arts (M.A., California State University San Francisco), and art education (Ph.D., Stanford University). Ken now resides and enjoys life in San Francisco and the Bay area. 
    Ken has had a noted career as an art professor and art educator, and as an artist, continues an active record of art exhibits and juried shows. His work, for example, has been curated and shown at the Mendocino Art Center; De Anza College, Cupertino; University of the Arts, Philadelphia; Cal State University, Northridge; Golden Gate Park Botanical Gardens, The de Young Art Museum in San Francisco, and Gallery Sanchez, San Francisco.
For further details, refer to Artist CV.
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